All You Need To Know About Drinking Glass Types


If a guest orders a glass of premium champagne, would you pour that champagne into a rocks glass? Well, of course not! Because the glass you use affects the way, a guest experiences the flavors of their beverage. So, knowing which and when to use particular glassware is important.

In this guide, we will explore two main categories of drinking glassware

  1. Stemless glassware
  2. Stemware

If you want to know what both of these categories are, make sure to read the article below!

A. Stemless Glassware 

· Shot Glass

We all are familiar with these glasses that are usually used to serve small amounts of alcohol or shots. These glasses are also known as shooters.

· Copper Mug

These mugs are generally lined with stainless steel aluminum or are all copper and have to be hand washed.

· Collins Glass

Tall and slim this glass is traditionally used to serve the Tom Collins cocktail and its variations.

· Pint Glass

A pint glass is commonly used to serve draft beer.

· Highball Glass

This glass serves highball cocktails containing one or two shots of hard spirits topped up with a non-alcoholic mixer such as cranberry juice or soda.

The rock glass is a fantastic example of this type used to serve drinks on the rocks.

B. Stemware 

Stemware includes any glass with a narrow stem at its base. The stem allows the glass to be held without warming the liquid inside. This category has seven different types of glasses. So, let’s have a look at them!

· Wine Glass

The size of the wine glass used depends on the type of wine ordered. Smaller glasses are generally used for white and blush wines, while the larger ones are preferred for a red wine that allows the wine to breathe.

· Champagne Glass

This is also known as flute glass. The shape of this glass retains the champagne’s signature bubbles.

· Cocktail Coupe

This glass has a wide broad bowl and is used to serve classic cocktails like the sidecar or any type of daiquiri.

· Cordial Glass

This small elegant glass is mainly used to serve after-dinner liqueur. This glass usually holds 1.5-2 ounces of drink.

· Snifter

This glass is also known as a brandy snifter. It’s a large round bowl that allows the guest to hold the glass in a way that warms the brandy inside. The narrow brim of the glass traps the aroma of the liquor.

· Sherry Glass

It’s a small, v-shaped glass used to serve aromatic alcoholic beverages such as sherry, upper teeth, and liqueurs.

· Martini Glass

This glass is best known for its name, martinis. This triangular glass can serve many different cocktails, including gimlets and manhattans.

C. Conclusion 

If you are looking for any of these drinking classes, check for various designs. Alibaba also offers custom drinking glasses to the customers to make their business stand out in the market.

Remember, a drinking glass can alter the flavor or aroma of a drink. It’s also an essential part of the presentation. If you know which glass to use for a manhattan and which to use for wine, you’ll be more confident when serving these drinks to guests.


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