List of Essential Office Supplies That Every Stationary Shop Should Have


Office Supplies are a part of stationery supplies. Still, office supplies wholesale do differ as stationery supplies cater to a wide range of customers and buyers ranging from school students to office workers and more. In contrast, Office supplies cater to only offices and office workers, including people involved in some business either as an individual or organizations. In this article, we will be seeing about different varieties of office supplies.

Consider Buying These Fast Selling Office Supplies in Bulk

These are supplies that one would need the most and would be using throughout the year so it is advised to get them in bulk. We will be seeing the varieties of office supplies that Alibaba offers.

1. Calculators

Alibaba’s calculators provide diverse calculators mainly under four filters- battery calculators, solar calculators, general-purpose calculators, and alarm calculators. They also come in metal or bamboo wood with the latter being an eco-friendly model.

2. Diaries

Alibaba’s diaries offer four filters- Journal notebooks, Agenda notebooks, Soft cover, and loose-leaf. You can pick one according to your needs

3. Notepads

Alibaba’s notepads are diverse ranging from self-adhesive notepads, loose-leaf notepads, offset paper notepads, sticky notes, plastic notepads, and PET notepads which can be used for school and office purposes.

4. Notebooks

Alibaba’s notebooks come in different colors; different graphic imprints often with motivational quotes or pretty sceneries and some even come with bookmarks as an addition. It also follows the trend as it does provide rainbow pop item notebooks.

5. Pens

Alibaba’s pens include metal ballpoint pen, gel ink pen, parker pens, and sustainable paper pen ballpoint pens. Bulk buying pens will always come in handy.

6. Budget Binders

Alibaba’s budget binders offer tempting options such as Money budget binders, Leather, Pocket budget binders’, Spiral business planner work agenda budget binders’ Felt Shell Fabric Note Book Loose Leaf, and more

7. Laptop Sleeves

Alibaba’s laptop sleeves are of high protection, thick in fabric, shockproof, and waterproof. A handle makes it easy to carry and efficiently portable.

8. Envelopes

Looking for envelopes to send letters to your pen pal? Alibaba’s envelopes will put a smile on your pen pal’s face for its transparent plastic packing envelopes are self-adhesive, there are many different types which includes No-toxic Packaging Bags Lightweight Metallic Bubble Mailer envelopes, eco-friendly Strong Adhesive Air Bags Packing Mailing, and more.

9. File organizers & Folders

Alibaba’s file organizers & folders will never let you have a clumsy day and it helps in organizing your desk, certificates, important files, and documents with its elastic closure and sheet protector.

10. Paper Binder Rings

Dealing with papers might be one big hassle but with Alibaba’s Paper binder rings everything’s going to be easy. These paper binder rings mostly come in steel.

11. Heat Resistant & Waterproof Bags

Alibaba’s Heat Resistant & Waterproof Bags come under different categories such as handbags, office bags, and backpacks.

12. Cobra Files

Alibaba’s Cobra files come in a variety of shades and can be perfect addition to your office supplies list. Make sure you grab one for you!

13. Binder Clips & Loose Leaf Binders

Alibaba’s binder clip and loose-leaf binders are budget-friendly so you can get both of them at an affordable price.

14. Power bank Notebook with Built-in Phone Case

Alibaba’s Power bank Notebook with Built-in Phone Cases has a classy touch to its design and it is something that every tech-savvy person should have.


By buying Office supplies from Alibaba you can not only save the cost when brought individually but also have it stocked and so that you don’t run out of it. Furthermore, one can even resell the office supplies bought in bulk as an individual and gain certain profits.


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