Essential Facts You Should Know About Rx Sunglasses for Men


Have you come across men’s rx sunglasses, and you want to know what these sunglasses are all about? Keep it here because we will let you know about these glasses and where to buy them. But first, GlassesShop offers numerous options for popular glasses for men. They offer sunglasses, eyeglasses, and RX sunglasses in various frame shapes, materials, sizes, and designs. However, before shopping for men’s glasses, it would be wise to discuss RX sunglasses for men and what they are about.

Things you should know about RX sunglasses for men

Buying RX sunglasses is not as business as usual as regular sunglasses. Not that the process is complicated, but you need to know what they are, the available types, and how they protect you from excessive sunlight that can harm your eyes. We have all that in this article. The following data will help you make an informed decision;

What are RX sunglasses for men?

One of the most important things you should know is the definition of RX sunglasses. The term RX is another way of saying prescription. Therefore, RX sunglasses are subscription sunglasses. These sunglasses combine the vision benefits of prescription eyeglasses and UV protection. A medical practitioner typically prescribes them.

Expectations for purchasing RX sunglasses for men

Before purchasing RX sunglasses for men, you need a vision prescription. An optician usually issues this document after comprehensive eye exams. In addition, most optical retailers or online stores require this document before approving an order for RX sunglasses. Additionally, the prescription needs to be up-to-date.

Types of RX sunglasses

Various types of RX sunglasses exist. They are typically categorized based on their purpose, materials, and lenses. For instance, the following are some sunglasses types based on lens materials; polycarbonate, trivex, and high-index lenses. In addition, RX sunglasses are also categorized based on their lens coating material, like polarized, photochromic, or gradient lens finishes. The material usually influences the cost and longevity of the eyeglasses. Finally, RX sunglasses are also based on the vision problems for which the glasses are designed. For instance, there are RX sunglasses for near and far-sightedness.

UV protection from RX sunglasses

One of the best things about RX sunglasses is their UV protection. The sun naturally emits ultraviolet rays. UV rays pose a great risk to your eyes. They can increase the risk of certain eye conditions like eyelid cancer, cataracts, poor vision, photosensitivity, macular degeneration, or pterygium. So manufacturers tint RX sunglasses for protection against UV rays. Sunglasses with darker shading are known as gradient lens RX sunglasses. They also use reflective materials, like polarized lenses, for glare reduction. Furthermore, there are also RX sunglasses with photochromic lenses that automatically darken from sunlight exposure.


The GlassesShop requires an up-to-date prescription when purchasing RX sunglasses. This requirement protects you from damaging your vision by getting the wrong glasses. In addition, the online eyeglasses retailer does not accept prescriptions for contact lenses (only eyeglasses prescriptions). The platform also offers a comprehensive guide for reading and translating vision prescriptions.


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