How to Use Your Document Camera as A Web Camera


Your desktop document camera may have a lot of features without you knowing. In terms of document camera specifications and uses, we are mostly under-using these devices. There are many functions you buy when you pay for that document camera. The big problem is we are too focused on buying a Document camera to solve an immediate problem. Most of the time, you are buying a Document camera because your projector has frustrated you. Or maybe you needed a projector but found a better specification in the store. However, most people are looking for a solution to their problems. Therefore, every other feature of a Document Camera becomes useless as long as it is solving a problem. For instance, let’s assume you buy a document camera because you want to carry it around, and your projector is limiting you in that light. You will still be used to using your document camera like a projector. This time, however, is like a projector that you carry around.

You would not care about the other functions that the document camera has, as long as you can carry it around. You may not know this, but your document camera can totally replace the webcam of your laptop. That means if you want to have a meeting on your Webcam but you want to show something else, you do not need to have a physical meeting. All you have to do is connect the device to your personal computer and set it up. This article is your step-by-step guide to using your document camera as a webcam. Keep reading if you want to convert your document camera as a webcam for some meetings.

Buy a suitable Document camera

Since the advent of document cameras, there has been an explosion in their popularity. This popularity had led to many brands picking interest in creating the document camera. As you will expect, some of these brands have the technical know-how on what to create, while others have the experience. Therefore, from the technically sound people, you will have different types of document cameras with diverse features. From the people who just have the money, they will create document cameras, but they will be mediocre devices. What you need is a suitable Document camera.

Get a PC that has a suitable USB/HDMI port

If your document camera is going to act as a webcam for your PC, it is going to need to be connected. Therefore, ensure the laptop you are using has the required ports from the document camera. After that, ensure you connect the PC and Document camera. Once you turn on your Document camera, the laptop should give a signal. Usually, these signals come in a USB popup message. So you can check your toolbar for any USB popup message. If you don’t receive any, use a video conference app to confirm. You can use zoom to confirm by starting a meeting with only you in attendance. In that meeting, try to switch the camera and check if the device has been recognized.


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