Here’s the Truth about Right Angle Lightning Cables


Am Apple phone without a good charger will not serve you as you expect. That’s why a quality and durable iPhone charger is a must-have if you want some peace of mind. While you can easily replace your charger, finding an authentic product that lasts long is not an effortless task. However, even authentic and certified phone chargers get old and damaged. Some cables feature a design that makes them vulnerable to damage. For this reason, Ugreen right angle lightning cables were invented.

What to know about right angle lightning cables

Ready to have a lightning cable with a unique design and high power charging capacity? A right angle lightning cable will suit your specification. But again, there’s a lot you need to know about their cable to appreciate its aesthetics and functionality. This post discusses the basics of right angle lightning cables.

The design makes them more convenient

One of the greatest challenges people face with charging cables is their straight-ahead design. When you plug in a conventional charging cable, the wire usually bends itself. It bends even further depending on where you place your phone as it charges. The bending causes the wires inside the cable to fray. This eventually leads to the wires breaking and the charger becoming useless. Right angle lightning cables do not suffer from this issue. Their right-angle design prevents them from bending when plugged. This makes them more convenient and highly durable.

Fast charging

Something else you should know about right angle lightning cables is that they are fast charging. They are “lightning” cables, which explains why they charge fast. Additionally, when cables bend and their wires start fraying, their charging speed usually decreases. Since these cables do not suffer these issues, their charging speed remains fast throughout their lifespan. You will be happy to have a cable that serves you all the time, without risks of damage.


Besides charging, there is so much you can do with a right angle lightning cable. You can use the cable to connect your phone to your computer or other devices, which allows you to transfer data or sync your devices. It also enables you to use your phone as a hotspot for your other gadgets. They are also beneficial because they transfer data faster. Note that you will enjoy the versatility feature of these cables for a long time because of their strength.

Protects your phone

A right angle lightning cable can get the charging cable out of the way when holding your device. This prevents the cable from dangling straight down and catching on to something. If the cable snags on something, it can easily get yanked out of your device. This can cause damage to the charging port. If that is not what you want, invest in this cable.


A right angle lightning cable is a worthy investment. It is designed to last for a long while, allowing you to enjoy many benefits you cannot get in regular cables. You can never go wrong if you purchase the cables at Ugreen store today; the qualities and benefits make lightning cables worth it.


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