Factors Affecting the Cost of a Lace Front Wig


Since the inception of lace front wigs, they have seemingly taken over the wig industry. As the name implies, a lace front wig is a wig that has a piece of lace at the front of the wig. This lace material looks precisely like a hairline, and when you wear the wig, it blends into your skin effortlessly. Moreso, the lace material is usually not visible, so you wouldn’t.

Of course, this is one of the significant reasons why lace front wigs are now so popular. Today, you can find lace front wigs in different colors, lengths, and sizes. Because of the natural appearance and exceptional qualities, a lace front wig may not necessarily be cheap but cost-effective. If you’re buying an artificial lace front wig, it will cost you above $200.

If you want a human hair wig with a lace front, you’ll be willing to spend between the range of about $1000 and above. Depending on the type of lace front wig you’re purchasing, the price will always fluctuate. Some factors affect the cost of a lace front wig; some of which are; 

The type of lace front wigs 

There are two significant types of lace front wigs; the artificial lace wig and the human hair lace front wig. As the name implies, the hair used in making the human hair lace front wigs is gotten from bundles of human hair mixed with baby hair. On the other hand, the synthetic lace front wig is either made of fiber or nylon. While both options are lace front wigs, the human hair lace front wigs look exactly like your human hair and don’t tangle or shred. The artificial counterpart looks more synthetic and will shed or tangle. These features of both wigs affect the price margin between the artificial and human hair lace front. 

The color of the wig

Lace front wigs come in different colors. The colors give you options to choose from; you have either the blonde wig, pink wig, among others, to choose from on your lace front wigs. The cost of an ordinary lace front wig(black) will be less than that of any colorful lace front wigs with the same features.  For instance, the 613 lace front wig gives you a different and unique look, but you may need to pay higher to purchase it. So if you want your lace front wig more classy, you will most likely spend more. 

The length of the wig

Length is an important feature when you’re purchasing any blonde wig, lace front wig, bob wig, and any wigs. The length puts limitations on how much style you can try with your lace front wig. The longer the length of a lace front wig, the more styles you can try, and in turn, the more you’ll need to pay to get the wig. 


Asides from the factors influencing the price of lace front wigs discussed in this guide, some other factors still affect the cost. Factors like the thickness, texture, and appearance of the wig play a vital role in the price of a lace front wig. You’ll have to pay more for a lace front wig that has a smooth and thick texture, as well as a better appearance. 



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